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There is no substitute for a true, experienced and authentic DJ.

New DJ’s tend to get in the business for the “job perks” rather than the gift, passion, skill and personal-purpose.

True DJ’s are purposed to make people feel good by giving them something to lose themselves in. For venue owners and promoters, dancing feet begets thirsty patrons, which begets money for the bar.

New DJ’s tend to see the money and the recognition and think all they have to do is play an iPod playlist (which is typical so beware) and that’s that! They couldn’t be more wrong.

Experienced DJ’s study their crowd. I am a living crowd-barometer, playing the right music based upon the crowd’s: “ooohhhh’s and aaahhhhh’s” whenever a record is dropped. Music to my ears. . .

Authentic DJ’s are serious audiophiles with a wealth of music knowledge that transcends genre and time period!” – DJ E.F. Cuttin



Tell us more about your event, venue, budget and requirements. A member of Team Cuttin will respond to your request within 48 hours. If you need an immediate response (i.e. fill in for Tour In Progress or Event within 24 hours) please email . We will respond immediately.

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Available for: Mixtape Production, Tours, Main Stage Festival Events, Club Residencies, Launch Events, Corporate Celebrations, Regional and National Conferences, as well as Exclusive & Private Events.

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